Calanit Bar-Am.

Grapevines of Innovation: Ozone as a CleaningAgent in the California Wine Industry / by Calanit Bar-Am; Jim Lapsley; Rolf A.E. Mueller and Daniel A. Sumner. - American Association of Wine Economists, 2012. - Journal of Wine Economics .

This article examines the diffusion of technological innovation within the California wine industry by studying the adoption of ozone-cleaning technology. The paper compares ozone with other sanitizing systems and reviews current perspectives on innovation diffusion and adoption before describing and analyzing the results of a 2007 industry survey completed by 128 California wineries. We find that the decision to adopt ozone-cleaning technology was correlated with its economic advantages but not with either demographics of decision makers or variables indicative of a winery’s ability to absorb new information. (JEL Classification: Q1, Q16, O33).