During the summer months, or even slightly before, you may notice that there are bees around your home. They may drop down, surprising you and your family, because you do not know where they are coming from. It is possible that you will have a bee infestation somewhere in your roof. If this has occurred, it will be difficult to find them. It may also be dangerous, especially if you use a ladder to get up high in order to find their nest. It is important to remove them as soon as possible. You can either contact a professional to help you or use these tips on removing bees from roof.

Why Would Bees Build A Nest In Your Roof?

If you have ever seen hornets or yellow jackets flying around your home, that is because they are looking for a place to build the nest. They are usually looking for a covered area. There have actually been reports of bees that have built enormous nests that have filled the entire abandoned vehicles. The eaves of your roof, and even inside of your attic, will provide them with the space they are looking for. It keeps them safe from predators, and also the elements, which is why you may find them there.

How To Get Rid Of Bees Living In Or On Your Roof

The first step of the process is dressing for the occasion. Long sleeves and pants are highly recommended. By tacking in your pants, directly into your shoes, you can prevent them from flying up into your legs. It’s also advantageous to wear a hat, safety glasses, and gloves when doing this type of work. This protective clothing and gear will ensure you will be safe. Once you find the nest, you will want to use some form of insecticide to kill them. Those that escape will carry this poison to the other bees, and they will likely all eventually die.

The other possibility is that there could be a very large nest that you may be able to cut down and relocate the hive. However, this is something best left up to professionals. It is better to spray them, preferably with insecticides, specifically designed for killing the exact bees that are living on your roof. By using these simple tips, you will be successful. It’s dangerous, but if done the right way, removing bees from roof is really not that hard to accomplish.